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I felt really nervous when I first visited Orthoscene, I would not smile. Everyone at Orthoscene made me feel very comfortable and at ease. My treatment did not take as long as I thought it would.

I felt that having braces was not as bad as I thought, as there is no stigma attached to having braces when you are older. People think of braces as more cosmetic nowadays.

It was great that I was offered the chance to spread the cost over 12 months interest free which was a far better option, otherwise I would not have been able to afford it.

My teeth feel brilliant now and I cannot stop smiling, I will continue to smile for the rest of my life.
Many thanks,

When I first come to Orthoscene, it was because I hated my teeth, I was very shy, i always put my hand over mouth when talking and smiling and was very scared. Upon meeting the team at Orthoscene I could not believe that within minutes I felt at ease, everyone was so pleasant and helpful.

Everything was explained in full. When treatment did start it wasn't at all painful, as I'd built myself up to believe would be. The Invisalign aligners as I was rightly told could not be seen. Many of my friends and family didn't realise I had a brace in.

Dr Kalia was always very good, he's very calming and reassuring person. My teeth definitely recommend Orthoscene to my friends, family and colleagues.

My treatment at Orthoscene has just come to an end with the removal of my fixed brace. It has been a long three and a half years but I can honestly say that it has been worth it.

My "before" photos and the cast of my teeth as they were are truly frightening!! Like something from Lord of the Rings!!!

I am absolutely delighted with the final result of all the work that has been done for me and quite simply - I can't stop smiling!! Everyone who has seen my "new" teeth are amazed at the difference in them.

The staff at Orthoscene have never been anything other than polite, friendly and welcoming. They even remembered my name! Dr Zaman has been a star, always friendly and welcoming and as my smile proves - he is a genius!!

To summarize, I cannot thank everyone enough for what they have done for me, for my appearance and for the amazing confidence that having a lovely smile gives you. I would happily recommend Orthoscene to anyone who needed orthodontic work doing - a fabulous place with great staff.
Thank you once again.

Against the odds,
...was how I felt about the prospect that one day I might have sufficiently straight teeth to be able to smile with confidence. My thoughts and dreams, however, became reality after I took the first step by walking into the Orthoscene's orthodontic practice in Sheffield.

My story begins in 1984 as an adult aged 25 and bears similarities to the tale of Goldilocks. I was getting married and wanted that perfect smile on my wedding photos. Unfortunately adult orthodontics was not common practice and on referral to the Children's Dental Hospital they couldn't find a chair big enough for me. I walked away feeling the whole process would be too difficult and too painful. In 1999, aged 42, the thought of growing old and wrinkly with crooked teeth as well compelled me to return for a consultation at a private orthodontic clinic. This time the whole process felt too hot and uncomfortable and yet again I walked away.

However, in 2004 aged 47 I walked into Orthoscene's practice and this time everything felt just right. Unlike Goldilocks, I did not run away.

So what convinced me to stay and why do I feel we became a winning team?
As a speech and language therapist my mouth was one of the tools of my trade. I was also aware that changing something about your personal character can be a very threatening and uncomfortable experience. My crooked teeth were an integral part of me and it was most definitely not going to be a pain free experience.

I walked into the practice without a prior appointment and without a referral from my dentist but was immediately given information and advice from the practice manager. She herself a mature lady had undergone orthodontic treatment with Orthoscene. The whole process was made to feel perfectly normal and achievable despite my advancing years.

On consultation with my orthodontist Dr Sonil Kalia I felt reassured that I was in capable and experienced hands and would be receiving the very best of treatment. During my return visits to have my permanent brace adjusted I have felt supported and encouraged by every single member of the practice and for me it has been a most exciting and enjoyable experience.

I have not been the easiest of patients either but in return I have been treated with endless patience. After my children trod on and broke my retainers and my teeth began to return to their previous crooked ways I was refitted for a short period again with permanent braces. This time 1 was privileged to be piloted with thermal activating wires that are used in the Cape Canaveral space programme!!

Now I have the perfect smile I have always wanted with straight teeth. It may have been one small step for me but it was one giant leap for a change to my life and to mankind! I cannot urge enough adults to go for orthodontic treatment. The odds are in our favour and not against us no matter what your age!!